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Alchemy of the Heart
Summer Dance Week in France


"Wanted to say that I find it so special of how you lead the group have so invisibly present. Both completely in the background, all creating space for the individual process of each person and also the group, so close and careful presence beside us. What a teacher. What a gift"
Madeleen Bloemendaal

Life Changing! What a great gift that I -now two years, myself gun to France to go to dance at Saryo and Eve. Beautiful surroundings, great food and what a beautiful process and tremendous support in the dance. I feel freer, more vital! From the head to the heart.
Annelies Hoeneveld (2019



Five Rhythms, Movement Theatre, Art Expression, Open Floor & the Step Out of the Story concept, are the work forms for this week.

This is suitable for anyone between 16 and 99 years and who is willing to get to know themselves better. It helps you to release tension, to relax and get out of your mind. If you are on a dead end in your life, have a burnout or you your relationship just ended, this can change your perception. But also when life smiles to you and you are looking for a way to give expression to this, this can also bring clarity and focus.

The week will give you the tools to:

  • Be in contact and stay with what is happening in you.
  • Feel the strength in yourself and bring this out.
  • In different ways to give expression of that inner world.
  • Upgrade your self-worth or recover.
  • feel life flowing in yourself and that you can share it.
  • To be who you are and that you can show this.
  • To be happier in life and appreciate yourself.
  • And much more ... ..


This summer dance week is where dance, theatre and art meets. It is a creative process in which you are invited to give a shape and expression of your heart with its beauty, power and clarity. It is a deep journey in and with yourself with the ultimate goal of deep relaxation, freedom and bringing joy back or more in your live. It is a week with a smile and a tear, where everything has a place and where our natural flow is the guiding principle.

The movement of the heart is quite simple; It wants to give and receive from compassion and love. The physical heart allows blood to flow in and out again to all the corners of our body. Also the energy of the heart moves likes this. The potential of the heart is that it can receive a lot, transform it and pass it on again. Unfortunately many hearts have been hurt and damaged and that natural flow is interrupted or even sometimes closed. How do we find the natural rhythm of our hearts back again. 

Every morning we will dance, to move what wants to be moved. We re-experience the memory, the feeling, the thought, the joy, sadness or the anger in our dance. The rest of the day we will find other ways to support this process. 


Date & Times: 15 (17.00) t/m 22 augustus (10.00)
Price: €285,00 (excl accommodation) | €245,00 before 15 July.

Booking: Loeky Ekkel | 0573-221199 or press the button



Saryo van Lakerveld is already 22 years dance teacher where The Five Rhythms and Open Floor Movement form the basis. He opens hearts and brings into motion what wants to be moved. Eva Bergerova has her roots in the theatre and is the founder of the Step Out of the Story concept. She also teaches Conscious Dance and guides creative group processes connected with inner experience.

They are both also DJ and they run Terra Nova, focusing on dance and the Foundation “Step out of the story”, focusing on Movement Theatre and creative processes. Together they form a powerful duo in guiding groups. With humour, openness and respect they bring the deeper layers to the surface from the darkness into the light.

Eva: +31 6 23883406 | eva@evaberger.eu | www.evabergerova.eu
Saryo: +31 6 481 52 072 | saryo@kpnmail.nl | www.terranova-dans.nl


Venue: L'Huy Préau,Chatin | Frankrijk

Accommodation: We are staying at a wonderful place and dance in a beautiful room. The food is sublime and the nature is super. The accommodation is amazing and connects us with our own original and natural rhythm.

Preau has a lot of different ways for accommodation, so please go to their site and look what fits to you. You have a choice between bringing your own tent, having a room in the house to the fully furnitured medieval tent (1, 2, 4 persons). There are also some spots for campers. For prices please look at their website and that prices include their delicious food.

Travel: on their website you can also find the route or a hitchhikers platform.


Love, Life, Laughter
Summerweek Croatia
Love, Life, Laughter
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Alchemy of the Heart Summerweek France

Alchemie van het Hart Zomerweek Frankrijk



    TERRA NOVA | Delfgauw, The Netherlands
Saryo van Lakerveld | +31 (0)6 481 52 072
Eva Bergerova | +31 (0)6 238 83 406

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