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Andrea Juhan | USA
  Saryo van lakerveld Pottenbakkerstraat 2
2645 KT Delfgauw
The Netherlands
T  +31 (0)15 256 62 86
M +31 (0)6 481 52 072
E terranova@devijfritmes.nl
Skype: dancing-soul


The start of my journey in the field of movement and therapy began when I arrived at Esalen Institute in 1977. As a community member there for the next 12 years I had the good fortune to study with an amazing array of teachers. I met Gabrielle Roth during my first month there and my relationship to the 5Rhythms Movement Practice and Gabrielle has deepened and expanded from that day forwards. Likewise, I met Dick and Christine Price and became a devotee of Gestalt Awareness Practice which remains central to my growth and my teaching to this day.

My years at Esalen included leading groups, designing the Esalen Movement program, teaching movement (5Rhythms’s, aerobics, Jazz dance), and practicing bodywork on the Esalen Massage crew. During this time I also pursued my undergraduate and graduate studies in Somatic Psychology enriching my formal education with many exciting and rather non-traditional approaches to therapy, whole body/mind health and healing.

As the daughter of Jack Rosenberg (who is the founder the Institute for Integrative Body Psychotherapy - IBP Central Institute) I have had the rich and challenging experience of studying this work. I first “discovered” my father as a teacher when I was drawn into one of his presentations at Esalen in the early 1980’s. Since then I have continued learning, exploring, and growing within this body of work. I am currently a faculty member of the IBP Institute and enjoy teaching parts of their training curriculum both in Los Angeles and in Switzerland

In 1990, I left Big Sur along with my husband, Vic Cooper, and son, Tristan Juhan, to come to Marin County California. There I continued my therapeutic work as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice. I also became a founding faculty member of The Moving Center School, a 5Rhythms organization that I co-directed with my wonderful partners Kathy Altman and Lori Saltzman for fourteen years. We started with 19 dancers and when I left over 400 people came to practice the 5Rhythms at the different classes and events on any given week. This program remains alive and fully moving to this day, as does my love and friendship with Kathy and Lori.

During those years, I again entered a formal education process and truly enjoyed completing a Doctoral Program in Somatic Psychology with an emphasis on Dance and Movement Therapy.

Currently, my understanding of psychology, movement, and spiritual development (finally!) feels integrated in all the work I offer - whether it is oriented towards psychological or health care professionals or to the different communities of people who so generously support me in coming to teach in their towns, cities and countries.

Luckily, Vic is also a trained 5Rhythms teacher (in addition to being an Independent Telecommunications Consultant) and offers his inspiration and support to all of the work I do. We often travel together for many of my workshops, and are quite grateful for the goodness we receive in being together and sharing the experience of joining different communities in the 5Rhythm practice.

I have been blessedly overwhelmed with the amazing transformations and new possibilities I see my students embody again and again. After three decades on this path I feel I bring a steadiness of heart, wealth of experience and good humor to students and communities I work with.

In 2006 Vic and I returned to Big Sur and love the mountain we call home. Tristan has left the nest; pursuing his education, loves and creative talents.

225 The Crossroads, #243
Carmel, CA 93923

Director: Andrea Juhan, PhD
+1 831 406 1603

Administration: info@openfloor.org


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