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What is Conscious Dance?

If you love to dance, why not let the blending of movement and music be your consciousness practice? And if you don't like to dance, why not practice allowing dance become a form of consciousness? Conscious dance is:

an embodied path for deep internal learning and wholeness, a practice for tracking personal growth and awareness,a unique pathway to learn different modalities of meditation that connect you to breath, body, and present moment,an avenue for learning tools to navigate intimate relationships with yourself, others, community, and spirit. A practice that helps release the tensions and stresses of our modern fast paced world, an opportunity to cultivate deep joy.

There are many forms of conscious dance. Some are based on a connection to an ecstatic experience, others are based in mindfulness, and still others are based in deep shamanic trance. Whatever the pathway, conscious dance is, at its core, about a person's embodied awareness, and cultivating home in one's spirt and soul. Conscious dance can be done by anyone regardless of physical ability, fitness or prior dance experience.

Conscious Dance is given by Eva Bergerova at Pure Dance Delft.



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