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Standing up is not a one-time event – it takes fortitude. In relationships, at work, in conversation, with our own habits, we are called to stand up again and again, in matters big and small. Often we have to stand alone. And anyone who has been in a long term relationship (parent, friend, child, partner) knows the power of learning the right moment to “stand down” when conflicts arise. So how do we embody this necessary practice? In this weekend workshop we will mine the innate wisdom of our bodies to

Who do we stand behind, beside?
Where are we afraid to stand up?
What won’t we stand for anymore?
How do we stand our ground when the ground is shaking?

Let’s ask the questions together and allow our bodies to answer.

Focus: Emotional Intelligence, Relationship

Date & times:
4th of June (19.00 - 21.30)
5th of June (11.00-18.00)
6th of June (11.00-17.00)

Costs: €255,00 | before 1st of May €235,00

Venue: Zeeheldentheater, Trompstraat 342, Den Haag, Netherlands

Ask for accommodation possibilities at saryo@kpnmail.nl.

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