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T e r r a  N o v a

new-years workshop/event/ritual

  Saryo van lakerveld Pottenbakkerstraat 2
2645 KT Delfgauw
The Netherlands
T  +31 (0)15 256 62 86
M +31 (0)6 481 52 072
E terranova@devijfritmes.nl
Skype: dancing-soul


‘Transition’ is a 4 day’s Open Floor Conscious Dance Ceremony and marks the passage from one phase of time to another, from one year to another year. There are many passages in our lives and we can choose to mark and celebrate them, but often we forget to acknowledge these important moments on a deeper level. Changing of the year is one of the important ones which is coming back all the time.

This is what we do during our time together: we dance, breathe, sing, we look back and forward, move on the spot, meditate and celebrate, we release our tears and we open the heart for the new. We step out of time, into space of not knowing, therefor it will be a time without phones, laptops and watches.

Through this self-exploration we emerge with a stronger sense of personal responsibility to all aspects of our lives – radiating all the way out to the larger world of which we are a part.

During our time together we dance our path, we walk our labyrinth of memories, presence and welcoming.

Raduca and Saryo are both qualified 5Rhythms and Open Floor Dance teachers and they support you to embody the person you truly are. They have a long history of teaching Conscious Dance and other practices.

December 29 (5 pm dinner) - 1 January 20 (3 pm lunch)

Residential, including food & accommodation (in dormitory, bring your own sleeping bag, mattress available)

Workshop: € 135,00 before 31st december. After € 165,00.
Accomodation: Czk 4000,00 = ong. € 155,00*
*includes meals and accommodation.

We teach in English & Czech and both will be translated. If you need help with booking flights, logistics of accommodation, please contact Saryo

information & registration:
Mabel | rezervace@haluzice.cz | +420 603 402 487 www.haluzice.cz


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