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n een prachtig centrum en op een hele stille plek in Tsjechië, ontmoeten we elkaar om te dansen, te mediteren, expressie te geven en stil te staan bij het jaar wat we hebben beleefd. We bewegen ons door de tijd die achter ons ligt, voor ons verschijnt en het nu.

In a beautiful center in Czech rep, close to Prague. we meet to dance and meditate our prayers. We move through the time what have passed, what will come to us in the time ahead and feel where we are now in the present.

The transition to another year is always a good moment to stand still and reflect back to all the moments which affected us on many levels. What are the footsteps we left behind and did we really left them behind or are they still sticking to us? Do they still have an influence to our lives right now. How can we come into peace with them and be able to move on to the space in front of us? Often we do not even realize that we carry lots of unfinished stuff with us. We then wonder why our footsteps into the open space in front of us are so loaded and heavy. In this workshop we will give space to this unfinished energies to move, to digest and to let go.

If we can be free of the unfinished energies, we can look forward with a fresh view. We can dance into the open space and welcome the new. The future is always open and yes we can dream our dreams without claiming them as our reality. We can play with our fantasy and still be open to the path we need to walk. Step by step into the year ahead. Many new things will happen to us in 2013 and if we can stay in our fluid dance, we will be able to deal with all the chaos of these times. Being receptive is what helps us to move on and stay present in our hearts.

Between the past and the future there lies the HERE & NOW. How are you doing right now. During our life we live about 98% in the past or future. If we learn more to be in touch with our bodies, we learn more to be here and now. In the body there is no future and no past, there is pure presence. Breath and movement brings us into meditation and that’s our dance. The essence you find in the moment.

Place to be: Czech rep.
december 27 till 30

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