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SummerDANCEweek in Croatia

"A wonderful week to let go of everything, to dissolve and go wild. To give and receive. To become present and awake in life, in my life. I recommend this to everybody".

Annelies van Ammerzoden.

"Fun, relaxation, openness, surprise, space and love. A few words that indicate to me what a week course at Saryo brnegt trigger for me. I actually look forward to the next time.
Paul Vreugdenhil


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Summerdance week with Raduca Vojackova (CZ) and Saryo van Lakerveld (NL)


Movement is one of our core tools to experience Life in our bodies and this aliveness can thrive this liveliness into Love, laughter, joy and happiness. What us often stops or restricts are our stories in which we believe, the stories which are created throughout our live, from our childhood on.

When we practice ourselves in the ability to expand and contract, to move from fixed to fluid, know the difference between to live and to survive and see our habits and that we can make choices, we stretch our awareness and become more free in our body, heart and mind.

During this week we explore the spaciousness of the dance and with that the spaciousness in ourselves to make the right choices.


Where: The workshop is held on the island Rab in the town Rab in an old gym. If you step out the the door, you're directly step into the tourist village Rab with all nice restaurants, shops and a harbor with clear blue water. They say this is the greenest island. You would not say when you arrive by ferry, because one side of the island is totally not green, only rocks, but if you go over the hill, it's a lot greener. With small taxi boats you can visit several islands and beautiful bays, take a dip in the crystal clear water and go back after a few hours again. A good advice is to take water shoes with you, because even though there are many sand beaches, there are also many pebble beaches and many live sea urchins in the water.

Workshop: Sunday, June 28 - Saturday July 4th. It is nice to come to one or more days earlier and staying longer is also possible. There will be two daily sessions of 2.5 to 3 hours. Times are adjusted to the wishes of the group or the temperature. Currently we go for 10:00 - 12:30 and 16:00 - 17:30.

Workshop cost: € 310.00 | early bird until May 1st is € 280,00

Accommodation: We stay in Deltas Appartmani and surrounding houses. Dick Spijkerman is the Dutch owner of Deltas. He regulates your wishes concerning accommodation. There are several options regarding accommodation. From a single room to a multiple room, with and without balcony, including shower & toilet or shared, so any budget has a place. Here are a few options. Please contact Dick. The accommodation you pay directly to Dick Spijkerman.

Single bedroom € 50.00 per night
Double bedroom € 35.00 per person per night
4+ bedroom € 25.00 per person per night

You can book your breakfast when you make your reservation for €8,00 and pay there. Lunch and dinner can be enjoyed at several nice restaurants.

Travel: The sooner you book, the cheaper you fly. With Transavia you can fly to Rijeka, but with Ryanair or Germanwings is also possible. If you cannot find a flight to Rijeka, you can try Zadar. You can hire a car or you can come to the island with a shared taxi. For the costs and reservations you can contact Dick. On the island you do not really need a car.

Of course it is also possible to travel by train or your own car, but that depends from where you travel. Please check relevant websites..

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Love, Life, Laughter
Summerweek Croatia
Love, Life, Laughter
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